Беккер Майнинг Системс РУ


Беккер Майнинг Системс РУ
Mining dintheaders and universal multifunctional units for support of mine workings and their mountings
Customized approach to the demands of every customer. Functions and sizes of each vehicle as well as special requirements of the user are discussed at the project stage
Mining drilling units for degassing and geological mining works
Reliability of the produced equipment. We use parts only by leading European manufacturers
Many years of experience in design and production of the equipment
All service processes "from the top", absence of necessity for creation of additional space for service works
Safety valve is used, and not a pressure limitation valve. Safety valve does not limit pressure but reduces it significantly; excludes the risk of faulires/injures because of colliding hoses
Great interchangeability of parts, wide range of interchangeable components provides minimum number of spare parts at the warehouse
Right and left execution of the drives is possible when using the same parts of the gear, the station can be assembled according to all requirements of the mine
Plungers are produced from massive ceramic without sprayal of surgace coatin, this has a good impact on durability of the sealing; has great isolating characteristics
Design and production of traveling,overhead bridge, console cranes and lifting hoists turnkey, with different weight, height of lifting, passage and power supply, according to different requirements of the project
Own production of mining equipment under control of experienced specialists allows fast providing enterprizes with modern auxiliary equipment
Production of equipment for fast and safe transportation of people and materials which can work under extreme geological conditions and has low operation and service costs
Experienced engineers will conduct all repair works for coal preparation plants on-site in a quick and qualitative way, as well as produce necessary spare parts according to your schemes
We offer training in our training center for the development of suppliers

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