Беккер Майнинг Системс РУ

Underground Energy ENDIS

Беккер Майнинг Системс РУ
Maximum output power in a minimum space
The unique system of electric energy supply to mines which provides reliability, flexibility and protection against methane in limited areas and under hard conditions. Depending on the needs of your enterprize, ENDIS offers customized products.
Efficiency thanks to replaceable modules
Unique lifetime of the contactor – 1 000 000 cykles!
Change of a contactor in 1 minute
Pluggable connection system of voltage up to 3 300 V
Energy saving
Operation losses of the transformer 4% max. 4%
Compact size and high power
Maximum output power 4000kVA
with the length 6700 mm and 6 current taps 450 A each

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